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Welcome to the Gnostic Druid Fellowship website!

Our Fellowship combines the mystical and esoteric teachings of the Qabalah, modern Gnosticism, the Essenes, and Celtic Christians with the nature spirituality of the Druid Revival. We're a Fellowship of the Universal Gnostic Church (UGC) and are affiliated with the Ancient Order of Druids in America (AODA). Like all the Fellowships of the UGC, we subscribe to the Doctrine of One, which states that all that exists is part of one divine source. This is the only doctrine of the Fellowship.

The Mission of the Fellowship

Our mission is to help you find and follow your own spiritual path, whatever that path may be. We offer the tools and traditions of modern Gnosticism and Druid Revival nature spirituality to those who seek to create a way of personal spiritual experience in harmony with the living Earth.

Gnosis is an ancient term for personal experience of spiritual realities, and a Gnostic is anyone who seeks to experience the spiritual side of life rather than simply accepting someone's opinion on the subject. The original Gnostics, before they were driven underground by political religion, pioneered a range of innovative ways of exploring the spiritual dimensions of reality. Modern Gnostics embrace this heritage and pursue their own spiritual paths in the quest for a knowledge that goes beyond blind belief.

The ancient Druids were the priests and wizards of the Celtic peoples of Ireland, Britain, and Gaul. The sparse records of their teachings and traditions suggest that they worshipped in forest glades beneath the open sky, believing that the Divine was too vast to fit inside any human construct. Their example inspired the founders of modern Druidry, beginning in the early 18th century, to create a visionary, non-dogmatic spirituality of living nature.

Contacts between the traditions of modern Gnosticism and those of today's Druidry date to the early 20th century. The Gnostic Druid Fellowship of the Universal Gnostic Church offers itself as a meeting place and a source of instruction for those who share our vision of an experiential spirituality of living nature.

Suggested Reading

The Gnostic Druid Fellowship reading list contains a list of books and other reading material others have found helpful in their own journeys. We encourage you to read any of them that appeal to you at this time.

The Universal Gnostic Church reading list contains reviews and copies of outstanding Christian, Gnostic, Mystical, Qabalah, and Self-improvement titles. We encourage you to download and read any of these materials that may appeal to you.

Resource List

The Gnostic Druid Fellowship resource list contains links to other sites the Fellowship recommends, including other Fellowships of the Universal Gnostic Church, orders historically connected to the UGC, and web resources relevant to the Fellowship's work.

Daily Devotions, Meditations, and Rituals

The Gnostic Druid Fellowship recommends daily devotions, meditations, and rituals as a path toward greater insight into the presence of divinity within living nature. While each seeker finds a unique path to experience of the spiritual realms, resources that have proved useful to many of us are presented here.

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