Religious and Environmentally Enhancing Uses for ConcreteReligious and Environmentally Enhancing Uses for Concrete

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Religious and Environmentally Enhancing Uses for Concrete

Hi! My name is Martha. I am a deeply spiritual person and a lover of the environment. To give myself a chance to meld those two interests, I have created a beautiful space in my back garden complete with a concrete birdbath, a small patio and a great deal of flowers. In this blog, I am going to help you learn to use concrete in your sanctuary. Whether you are designing a huge church or just creating a small spiritual space in your home, you will find posts that help you integrate concrete into that space. I hope you find inspiration for both your faith and your decorating objectives in this blog!

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Concrete Joint Sealing: What It Is & Its Benefits

Concrete joint sealing is a repair/maintenance treatment carried out on concrete paving. This entails the application of a bituminous sealer that binds your concrete, restoring its structural integrity and getting rid of gaps on your paving. This treatment can be carried out in response to damage such as cracks or poorly installed concrete slabs.

It can also be carried out as a preventative measure on areas that have tiny gaps and could leak water or develop into large gaps. However, concrete joint sealing has far-reaching benefits apart from just restoring the looks of your paving. Read on to learn more.

Great cost savings

Whether you're repairing the effects of wear on your concrete or just carrying out maintenance to avoid future damage, concrete joint sealing is a great cost-saver. During the process, minimal repair work is carried out. The gaps are simply identified, cleared out and filled with a special sealer. Concrete joint sealing is therefore an affordable way to repair your paving as opposed to carrying out major reconstruction. Concrete joint sealing also reduces the amount of maintenance you need to carry out thereafter, saving you even more costs.

Minimal downtime during repair

Another thing to note about concrete joint sealing is that it's a fast process. It's the kind of paving maintenance treatment that can be carried out on your paving in just a few hours. Once done, your surfaces can resume work immediately. This means that concrete joint sealing will cause your premises or work area very little interruption. This makes the process ideal even for busy areas such as roads, driveways and runways.

Prolongs the longevity of your concrete paving

The most direct effect of concrete sealing it that it prevents water from seeping in between cracks and construction gaps. Water has the negative effect of creating ground imbalances that causes the paving to shift position and later break, sink or wear faster.

Concrete sealing also prevents hard dirt from lodging in between your concrete paving. Such dirt obstructs minute movements of concrete slabs when in use. This creates more pressure on your paving and may cause cracking over time. However, concrete sealer acts as a shock absorber allowing your paving to dissipate pressure due to its rubber-like properties, thus ensuring your concrete lasts much longer.

Concrete joint sealing can be carried out on areas that have developed cracks and in between slabs and concrete blocks. It can also be done on gaps between walls and floors as well as between stair cases and walling. If you think your concrete needs joint sealing, have an expert like Allied Concrete Cutting & Drilling Pty Ltd look at your paving or flooring to determine if a treatment process is needed.