Religious and Environmentally Enhancing Uses for ConcreteReligious and Environmentally Enhancing Uses for Concrete

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Religious and Environmentally Enhancing Uses for Concrete

Hi! My name is Martha. I am a deeply spiritual person and a lover of the environment. To give myself a chance to meld those two interests, I have created a beautiful space in my back garden complete with a concrete birdbath, a small patio and a great deal of flowers. In this blog, I am going to help you learn to use concrete in your sanctuary. Whether you are designing a huge church or just creating a small spiritual space in your home, you will find posts that help you integrate concrete into that space. I hope you find inspiration for both your faith and your decorating objectives in this blog!

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Why It Matters How Your Precast Kerbing is Made

Are you planning to order precast kerbing for your industrial complex? Read on and discover why you should find out whether wet cast or dry cast methods will be used to process your order.

What Those Methods Entail

Wet cast fabrication of precast kerbs entails pouring a wet concrete mixture into moulds. That concrete is then left to cure before the moulds are removed to reveal the completed kerbs. Dry cast fabrication involves using block-making equipment to form and vibrate dry concrete mixtures so that the kerbs can be left to cure without a form or mould.

The Impact of the Different Casting Methods


Bigger particles, such as aggregates, have a tendency to settle closer to the surface of wet cast kerbing. Consequently, the kerbing can become unattractive when abrasive forces, such as the tyres of vehicles, cause those large particles to be exposed on the surface of the kerbs. Dry cast manufacturing produces kerbs with uniform distribution of big particles within the concrete mix. Consequently, any abrasion of the kerbs will reveal a smaller quantity of unsightly large particles than what you would see for wet cast kerbing.

Strength and durability.

Wet cast kerbing has to be vibrated sufficiently so that all air pockets within the concrete mix are eliminated before the kerbs start curing. Any mistake made in determining the duration or magnitude of vibration can leave air pockets that can trap moisture and cause the kerbing to fail prematurely in locations that are prone to freeze/thaw cycles. Dry cast kerbing has a lower chance of retaining air pockets within it, because the forming tool squeezes the concrete mix into the desired size/shape. That process removes air from the concrete mixture. This makes this type of kerbing stronger and more durable that wet cast kerbing.

Lead times.

You will also be able to receive your kerbing materials sooner if you select a facility that uses dry cast methods to make those products. This is because the production process will not be limited by the number of moulds that are available at the manufacturing facility. Consequently, more kerbs can be made each day when compared to the kerbs that can be made using the wet cast method that is dependent upon the number of moulds available at the facility.

As you can see, dry cast methods of making kerbing materials have several advantages over wet cast production of kerbing materials. You should therefore take your time and identify a precast kerb supplier who uses dry cast methods during production so that you enjoy the benefits discussed above.